CZ-52 Barrel Take-down Tool

This CZ-52 barrel take-down tool is a handy item that may not be absolutely necessary, but it is very nice to have. It makes routine field stripping for cleaning much easier.

CZ-52 barrel take-down tool.

To remove the barrel from the slide you must first remove the slide from the frame and then:

  1. Compress the recoil spring by pushing on the barrel assembly at the cam.
  2. Use the barrel take-down tool to rest in the cam notch and push toward the muzzle end of the slide.
  3. Once the rollers have been compressed, lift the breech end of the barrel out of the slide and carefully let the recoil spring push it out to the rear. Take care not to launch the barrel across the room!

Yes, you can use something like a screwdriver as a tool. But a carefully designed and machined tool like this makes a error much less likely. The recoil spring is powerful and your barrel can be launched across the room with quite a bit of force if you aren't very careful!

The original Czech operating manual called for the lip of the magazine base plate to be used to hook a slot in the barrel assembly. That was little better than a field expedient, and you can see its effect in the frequently bent magazine base plates!

CZ-52-6 Barrel Take-down Tool
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