CZ-52 Hardened Rollers

Federal Arms once made a nice array of replacement barrels for the CZ-52 in both the original 7.62x25mm caliber and 9x19mm. Users of these rollers have reported problems caused by their lack of hardness — the rollers go out of round. This problem has also been reported for the rollers in the original ČZ production.

Once the rollers go even slightly out of round they slide rather than roll and abrade the barrel. The first evidence you're likely to notice is flakes of disintegrated roller in the frame. By that time you notice this, your barrel is already on its way out and you need a replacement!

Harrington Products now makes CZ-52 replacement rollers that are much tougher, harder than both the Korean steel rollers in the Federal barrels and the Czech originals. The rollers are machined from high-impact tool steel and hardened to around 42 Rockwell. Like our firing pins, they are guaranteed for life.

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Hardened CZ-52 rollers
Hardened CZ-52 rollers

Hardened Rollers

One pair of hardened rollers for the CZ-52.

$18.00 / pair
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CZ-52 rollers, roller cam fully forward.

How do the CZ-52 rollers work?

Above you see the CZ-52 roller cam and rollers on a barrel that has been removed from the slide.

Below you can see the roller cam and rollers interacting within the slide (with the recoil spring removed)

CZ-52 roller operation, stage 1
CZ-52 roller operation, stage 2
CZ-52 roller operation, stage 3
CZ-52 roller operation, stage 4
CZ-52 roller operation, stage 5